Of course we start of by listening carefully to your desires, ideas and dreams about your wedding, and only then we will start creating a perfect event, discussing all the different aspects with you, so that in cooperation we will meet and if possible surpass your expectations. We can help you with the documents you need in Italy, we can find a florist designer, we will discuss the best solution for your reception, meal or buffet, or any other way you want to receive your guests. We can select the venue (a restaurant or a villa or even a hot-air balloon) and we can try different suppliers for food and wine! We only provide catering of the highest quality, and will create the perfect atmosphere for your wedding. We will advise you on the music, the gown, the make-up, the body treatments, the gift, the invitations, the car for the bride, and so on. We can also provide you with a professional photographer for your wedding day.

We can also arrange transportation on arrival in Italy and we will provide you with you useful info on accommodation for you and your friends and relatives.

Moreover, Kikki di Riso provides couples with a free web site for their wedding, on which all the guests can find useful info about location (maps, phone number, mood, colours and so on), thus informing them beforehand on the wedding they will attend.

And last but not least we would like to mention that Kikki di Riso is a gay friendly agency and will be happy to help with organizational aspects for gay couples that want get married in Tuscany.

Here some original ideas for your wedding: Kikki di Riso can!

Wedding week
: why not celebrate your wedding with your friends and relatives for an entire week? We can organize tours in the most beautiful towns around Siena, or in Siena itself, or you could taste the culture of Florence. If you prefer a more laid-back week, we could organize cooking-classes, a wine-tasting tour, a day at the spa or a pizza party or BBQ!

Wedding week-end: instead of just a day, you could come for a 3 day-stay together with your guests. You will have time to relax and prepare for the big day whilst your guests can use 2 days to tour around and discover more about Tuscany…it would be a pity to come all the way to Tuscany and not have time to move around!

Love is in the air” like a famous song says….you can get married in a hot-air balloon!

Love & wellness: if you like wellness or thermal baths we can organize your reception in a wonderful spa looking out on the Tuscan landscape.